Visby Espressotasse

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Product description

In your lives to come, there ought to be time for a visit to a café. And with the new Visby café set you can create Scandinavian café atmosphere in your home in no time - or serve a highly balanced breakfast in bed. The normally flat saucers and plates ha

ve become pointed, so that cup, saucer or bowl can be stacked onto the corresponding grooves in the bottom and stay securely on the bed tray. Visby was developed by the world famous Danish designer Kim Buck and has a new, surprising form language, where e

.g. the handle looks like a nozzle, and the plate pierces the rest of the set. Visby consists of 7 parts: cup, espresso cup, sauced, plate, sugar/cream, yoghurt bowl and jug. The colour is a soft white.

Height65 mm
Diameter63 mm

Stelton, Denmark

Kim Buck

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