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  • 16/78
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Product description

The Stûv 16 - more powerful, cleaner, quieter and more elegant.

Insert or stove
It can be placed on a base, giving off much of its heat from its sides like a normal stove (stûv 16-cube). It can be easily fitted into an existing hearth or into a

brand new chimney, providing a highly-efficient form of additional heating (stûv 16).

Various options
The stove is designed to allow various types of connection in order to :
- obtain the air necessary for combustion from outside which avoid

s disturbing air circulation inside the house
- improve hot air circulation in the room keeping temperature constant,
- direct hot air towards adjacent rooms and/or to obtain cool air from them,
- ensure air is returned.

It u

ses a sophisticated combustion technique resulting in extremely high efficiency (official figures are due to be released).

Frames and cladding
Various accessories are available to provide the perfect finish for your Stûv 16. Frames are available

to conceal brickwork and to protect your wall against heat and dirt. Cladding provides the ideal complement to the stove giving it extra presence. It also makes brickwork unnecessary. Thanks to its stylish appearance, it fits in beautifully with any inte

rior. It is covered with a highresistance finish, which is easy to clean.

Width780 mm
Height610 mm
Depth440 mm
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