21/65 C

21/65 C
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Product description

All there is between the fire and the masonry is a 4 cm metal frame : no flashy designer strip, the focus is on the fire and the architecture.

Partly-raised glass door
The bottom profile of the glass door is out of sight and does not

hinder vision of the flames ; the operation with partly-raised glass door avoids backdraught in cases where the chimney has insufficient draught, and the lower overall height requirements allow the fireplace to be integrated in a low horizontal space.

All mechanical components can be accessed in a couple of seconds! While many a manufacturer fails to provide access to technical components out of reach behind masonry, we at Stûv provide almost-instant access to moving parts that may require mainten

ance.The glass door tilts forward for an easy wipe-clean of the inner glass pane.

A wide range
Single or double-faced stoves, from 45 to 135 cm wide.

EN Standards
Low discharge into the atmosphere and high efficiency : Stûv 21 stoves a

re certified to comply with EN Standards.

Barbecue !
Finishing strips to install fireplace with no masonry work.

Width650 mm
Height540 mm
Depth580 mm
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