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Product description

The new LED technology bollard with sophisticated performance, original design and low power consumption. CHIODINO zeroes above horizon emissions in compliance with all national and international light pollution prescriptions. It is suitable in every outdoor public or private space, where shock-resistance and long-life design is a fundamental need.

Its graceful shape and soaring profile offer a balance of proportions that is highly original for a device of this kind. A sleek, single-piece aluminium stem, plus a rounded, cap-like head give the device a stylish, unique aura that is never invasive: CHIODINO can fit into any public-urban or private context. The bollard’s organically inspired design, from which it takes its name (CHIODINO = honey mushroom), makes it a highly appealing feature even when it is turned off. When it is turned on, then it is the light that speaks. Its daytime form disappears and small lines of vertical light shoot up from the various fixtures present, creating a gentle rhythm and a soft and subtle light effect.


LED 18/ 21W

Diffuser/reflector shapecircular

Targetti, Italy