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To mark the Bauhaus centennial Tecta has launched an experiment – »BauhausNowhaus«. The initiative impressively demonstrates that the concepts, ideas and furniture of the Bauhaus era have lost nothing of their fascination and functionality of almost 100 years ago. Tecta thus brings the vitality and enthusiasm of the past forward into the present. As a tangible expression of this fascination, a group of ambitious designers around Tecta are now personally rethinking the classics. Be it icons such as Walter Gropius F51 armchair, Erich Brendel's M10 tea table or Marcel Breuer's D4 club chair. New accents, proportions, plus contemporary and poetic impulses link the concepts of the young designers. With respect and playfulness, they boldly challenge these icons and show us: Bauhaus is alive, open to change, and as up-to-date as ever after 100 years.

The radical concept behind Peter Keler’s D1 armchair instantly struck a chord with Tobias Groß. The Cologne-based designer, who also reinterpreted Erich Brendel’s tea table, has again immersed himself deeply in the world of colour. His goal: to make the D1 even more striking with a modern colour scheme. Hence, he applied darker hues to the armchair’s “frame”, while going one shade lighter for the “interior”, i.e. the seat and back.

This gives the “father” of all armchairs, which has inspired entire generations of designers, a surprisingly light presence in the room. And a new impact: it looks like an aesthetically perfect frame for the person sitting in it. A frame that immerses the body in a world of shapes and colours like a picture.

The basic cube shape of the new D1 series now comes in various shades of blue and slightly lighter pastels. Its fabric, a soft cosy velvet, hugs the sitter like a warm embrace. The castors, which allow you to move and swivel the chair effortlessly, are still as intriguing as ever.

For an interesting combination, the D1 can be teamed with Tobias Groß’ new take on the Brendel table: a duo infused with fresh colours and an agile mobility that epitomises modern, contemporary living.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Height of seat410 mm
Backrest finishwith backrest
with back padding
Armrest finishwith armrests
Width800 mm
Height660 mm
Depth720 mm
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TECTA, Germany

Tobias Groß
1925, 2019

Peter Keler
1925, 2019

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