• TRESPA® METEON® Exterior
  • TRESPA® METEON® Exterior
  • TRESPA® METEON® Exterior
  • TRESPA® METEON® Exterior
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Product description

Trespa® Meteon® is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with an integral surface manufactured using Trespa‘s unique in-house technology, Electron Beam Curing (EBC). The blend of up to 70% wood-based fibres and thermosetting resins, manufactured under high pressures and temperatures yields a highly stable, dense panel with good strength-to-weight ratios.

Trespa® Meteon® stands out in vertical exterior wall coverings such as façade cladding, balcony panelling, sunblinds as well as horizontal exterior ceiling applications.

Trespa® Meteon® panels are perfect for use in innovative and functional ventilated façade systems. Used on its own or as a highlight in combination with other materials, Trespa® Meteon® determines the look and underlines the qualities of a building.

The unique properties of Trespa® Meteon® panels make them highly durable. That is why Trespa is offering a ten-year conditional warranty on its product.

Trespa® Meteon® architectural panels are available in a wide choice of standard colours and effects. To create facades that are even more individual and expressive, Trespa® Meteon® panels can be custom-made in special project colours.

The entire Trespa® Meteon® product range–in all types, sizes, thicknesses, finishes and colours – is available with PEFC™ or FSC™ certification upon request, in restricted quantities and jurisdictions.

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