U-Series Glacier White

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Product description

This is an apt description of this kitchen from uno form´s U-series. Here the smooth ‘handleless’ fronts are equipped with a ServoDrive function, which ensures that the drawer opens with a light touch on the drawer front. Only the extra wide freezer/refrigerator integrated behind the kitchen’s fronts and the fully integrated dishwasher require handles. Notice the adjustable cooker hood built into the worktop behind the hotplate. When the kitchen is not in use, the hood is lowered into the worktop – with a simple touch of the remote control. A functional and practical solution when the view is as stunning as in the case of this home. Here there are no wall units – simply a few discreet glass shelves in the wall recess. All kitchenware and cookware are kept in the large drawers.

The U-Series is the simple minimalist uno form series characterised by clean systematic lines in the kitchen. Elegant panels frame the kitchen units, creating perfect interior harmony. The U-Series offers the completely ‘handleless’ kitchen, either with mechanical ‘push-open’ or electric ‘ServoDrive’, and is thus able to fully exploit its sculptural design. The drawers feature our usual high-quality solid maple. ‘Essence of purity’.e, refine’


uno form, Denmark