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Product description

Carmen is one of the three new transparent acoustic fabrics of Vescom. They absorb up to five times more sound than customary transparent curtain fabrics. The three fabrics are of a simple, modern, elegant and timeless design. They merge with every interior – including seminar or conference rooms, hotel lobbies and offices.

These translucent, refined glossy fabrics are of high quality: although they are extremely lightweight, they nevertheless possess a sound absorption coefficient of between alphaw 0.5 and 0.6 – which makes them ideally suitable for the improvement of acoustic properties. The fabrics offer particularly great added value in interiors with sound-reflecting surfaces, such as concrete and glass, which produce echoes. They are translucent and suitable for many applications. The new fabrics are flame retardant and comply with the most stringent European standard for public buildings.

Width1500 mm
Fabric colourunicoloured
Fabric functionsacoustical absorption
Flame resistanceB1 difficult inflammable
Materialspecialty fiber (Trevira CS)
Colorsshades of grey

Vescom, Germany