Lampyre w163

Lampyre w163
Presented:Orgatec 2016, Cologne
Categories: Interior lightingTable lamps
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Product description

w163 Lampyre is made of two opaline glass parts: a cylindrical base sup- porting a conic shade, emitting a calming light from base to top. The light can be adjusted from very bright to a phantomatic halo, with the dimmer. Lampyre is the french name for glow-worm, which can be linked to the very natural aspect of this lamp. 

The w163 Lampyre comes in two sizes. The large one is ideal as a solitary piece and will enlighten any space with softness. The smaller one will do very well on a shelf or – following the Swedish warm habit – in a window to shine a friendly light to both the streets and in the home.

wästberg, Sweden

Inga Sempé