WOGG CARO working desk Moderato

Product description

Thanks to its classic dimensions, the Moderato desk is the standard table in the WOGG CARO line. The Moderato follows the same design principle as its big brother, the Grande. However, its dimensions are smaller, and the base frames are almost flush with the edge. As its compartments are accessible only from the front, this desk is a classic workstation for home offices.

WOGG CARO is a testament to Christophe Marchand’s great inventiveness and determination. He has developed a design principle that can always be adapted to new requirements, whereby form, proportion and functionality are regarded as equally valuable. Daily use is just as important as aesthetic merit, and WOGG CARO achieves a masterful and playful balancing act between usefulness and elegance. The Grande and Moderato desks and the Horizontal shelf unit are all logical and effective additions to the WOGG CARO furniture line.

Length1685 mm
Height740 mm
Depth735 mm
Table finishtable with glider base
Table top shaperectangular
Materialhigh-press-laminat (HPL)
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Wogg, Switzerland

Christophe Marchand

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