Product description

The unique table is strengthened by the encombassing denser side edges which are highlighted with creative profiling. The grain of the wood is beautifully outlined not only on the table surface, but also as it continues through the eye-catching finely crafted contouring of the edges. Labora, with the contoured table top BV 56, with two optional bases. The understated simplicity of solid wood frames or frames with complementary vertical side pieces, likewise in solid wood. Labora offers the possibility to combine the two types of table top surfaces with three different base types that are ideal for the customary set up or used to create a new ambience. Labora shown in a side view. Above: A fascinating and unique creation using precisely carved wood profiling complemented by the finely worked frames that decorate and add stability. Under, as an option, simple wood frame feet, analogous with the table surface and its encombassing denser side edges.

Length2400 mm
Width1000 mm
Table finishtable with glider base
Table top shaperectangular
Colorsshades of brown

Zoom by Mobimex, Switzerland