Product description

The entire table seems to float in the air - but it is carried by two metal arches which perfectly penetrate its top and hold it safe and secure. This unique joining of wood and metal embellishes the table‘s clarity and simplicity. The table is available in two wood qualities, „Naturart“ and ‚Pieced Wood‘. Both of the visible metal arched supports come in three different coatings; brushed matte chrome, brushed chrome or brushed dark steel gray chrome and can also be oiled. This distinctive combination of beauty and functionality: - the joining of metal and wood, - the transition from horizontal to vertical and - the integration of the reclining surface and its supporting arches are both logical and beautiful. The table top is available from 180 - 300cm in length and 80 -110cm in width. The arched supports are available in three adjustable lengths.

Length1800 - 3000 mm
Width800 - 1100 mm
Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shaperectangular
Colorsshades of brown

Zoom by Mobimex, Switzerland