TIX Office corner combination

Stylepark-ID: 05.2012.00057
Categories: Office / Contract furnitureTablesWorking desks / systems
Product description

An executive office should be matched to the person using it. The ZOOM office can be precisely configured as a personal working environment that suits your wishes and needs. Its clarity of design takes the user’s individuality into account. TIX-Office succeeds in satisfying two contradictory demands. By combining different zones such as computer intelligence and the personal work and communication area into a single overall entity, it creates an impressive, generously dimensioned workplace – but also the necessary freedom of movement. We understand space not only in the physical sense but also as an ideal concept. Space becomes a valuable commodity with the freedom for new thoughts to flourish. TIX-Office creates spacionsness.

Material wood (unspecified)
Colors shades of brown

Zoom by Mobimex, Switzerland

Dante Bonuccelli