Closer Singel Lever Mixer

Product description

Closer range has been enriched by diversifying its most important characteristics to create a complete collection of single-lever mixers. Dynamism, freedom and flexibility are still the strong points of this project. The interplay of junctions and rotations that make its design unmistakable and its functionality unique have also been applied to the design of the tap. 

 Diego Grandi is renewing the conceptual matrix of his design approach, which aims to create products that reinvent the everyday gestures associated with water, and give shape to a wellness that is easy to use and personalise. Thanks to this development of its design, Closer now attains a level of comfort, practicality and aesthetic impact that is really extraordinary. 

Harmonised shapes work together to achieve overall balance; corners are rounded off to give a simple, ergonomic grip; and the design of the connections makes it possible to turn round in the space in unexpected ways. Closer is going beyond the limits of the classic water tap: more than applying design to the physical material, it designs the water itself and delivers it to "wherever you want it."

chrome steel
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Zucchetti, Italy

Diego Grandi