Wosh ZW1192

Wosh ZW1192
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Product description

Wosh is elegant and charming precious and never repeating itself. This tap collection is centred on two notions: formal complexity and anti-minimal inclinations. All across the line the elements and the volumes play with light to create new and personal effects. Wosh is a truly central element in the bath environment and it highlights just how central a bathroom is to a contemporary lifestyle. I was asked to design a collection of taps (my first experience in this field) that would somehow manage to include both the anti-minimal and anti-monomaterial characteristics, that I so cherish. Once I had completed my research efforts, I initially thought of streamlined forms encrusted with rhinestones, but later my thinking shifted in the direction of bold, faceted geometric volumes which, thanks to their gem-like brilliance, would evoke a sense of luxury and opulence, far removed from the stark, stereotypical and downright boring shapes that have long dominated in this sector. William Sawaya

Width73 mm
Height220 mm
Depth213 mm
Type of construction of fittingsbath tub version
Assembly modeone hole
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Zucchetti, Italy

William Sawaya