LQ-P Chandelier

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Product description

With his contemporary chandelier design, the renowned architect and artist Hani Rashid presents his personal interpretation of the historic candelabrum. «LQ», a humorous reference of the New York architect to Louis Quatorze, the Sun King, alludes to the exuberancy of the chandeliers of former times, translating it to our modern era. Exciting visual effects and a complex set of relations between form and light are created solely by using specific geometrical principles, bundling minimal surfaces into a multifaceted reflector and precisely arranging innovative LED light sources.


The basic unit consists of lighting modules, each fitted with three LEDs of 1.2 W each. The cup-shaped openings of the chrome-plated components, which emphasize the chandelier's avant-garde look, are a particularly characteristic design feature. The materials chosen - plastic plated with chrome - enhance the unconventional design and in particular the special lighting effect created by the principles of reiteration and reflection. They make LQ unfold its perfect room effect, above the table and in any other location where chandeliers used to be installed.

Lighting technology

With respect to lighting technology, too, the LQ chandelier is excitingly high-tech: the LED modules are fitted with attached optic, which fan out the light and reflect exciting lighting effects. The lighting effect of the chandelier is achieved by reflection, yet the "source of enlightenment", the LED module, is imperceptible to the beholder.

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging

Zumtobel Masterpieces, Austria

Hani Rashid