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Built into a rock face - Grace Santorini Hotel by architects Divercity and mplusm
26 July 2011
The Grace Santorini hotel, with a total of 20 rooms, is built into the face of a 300-meter-high volcano on the Greek island of Santorini. The architectural formal language in the bungalows and the terraced complex were designed to make the most of the breathtaking panorama of the sea and the Cyclades Islands. The design, by architects Divercity and mplusm, was inspired by the traditional "dugouts" yposkafa spitia (υπόσκαφα σπίτια). These cave-like dwellings with chiseled walls and fixed furnishings were dug out of rock faces and served as housing for fishermen. To correspond with this style of residence, the hotel is predominantly decorated with fixed furnishings and thus very understated in its design. Hand-finished shelving and cabinets have been fitted into the recesses in its walls. Light brushed concrete floors and whitewashed limestone walls are reminiscent of the typical village architecture.
Hotel "Grace Santorini" in Greece, designed by Divercity and mplusm architects | All photos © Serge Detalle
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