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Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2011, Mailand
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Versatile and flexible, LINE is a modular structure intended to furnish the living area of the home and the office: it is, in fact, modular shelving with painted aluminium profiles and lacquered compartments structured in stacked "layers" in which divider

s and containers can be positioned as desired.

LINE, in short, is a modular system in which shelves become structural.

The freedom of composition it provides makes LINE ideal for both home and office, since it can be either a cupboard, a bookcas

e or a TV stand, with sufficient space to accommodate hi-fi speakers.

Aluminium technology combines with design to create this incredible modular composition, characterised by its non-conformist style and bright, distinct colour combinations: a ver

y modern look for furnishing personal spaces.

The bookcase, which is adjustable in height and width, creates a graphic, geometrical play of alternating lines, spaces, voids and panels covering the wall.

With its containers, available in vari

ous lengths (60/90/120/180 cm), LINE is a 100% customisable system, the result of a perfect blend of style, design and functionality.

As well as the functional and aesthetic aspects of the furniture, which can be customised to fit personal needs an

d spaces, ALBED offers high-tech solutions in terms of quality and structure. LINE, in fact, includes a Soundsystem system by Chario: innovation and research in sound is incorporated into the design.

The collaboration between two outstanding compan

ies such as ALBED and Chario has allowed the creation of this range, in which materials, sound and connections are the key words.

Two music speakers are included in the TV cabinet version, on the right and the left, together with a subwoofer to pro

vided high acoustic performance. These models are also fitted with rear compartments, where audio and video cables can be neatly arranged, and extractable regular and deep drawers for a highly practical solution.

The collection also includes a unit

with an I POD/I PHONE docking attachment in its upper section, and a folding panel with acoustic fabric that allows music to freely pass through. It appears like a large speaker, capable of furnishing and storing, and is essentially a multi-functional pr


LINE, with its light and precise shapes, is characterised by an essential, minimal style, which allows it to suit a variety of contexts in both homes and offices.

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