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Delmonte s.r.l.

Via S.Martino
20054 Nova Milanese (MI)

T: +39 0362 367112
F: +39 0362 450586

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There were two controlling factors which led to Albed's approach to design and production:

- The desire to bring the extensive knowledge of aluminium acquired from Delmonte to a completely new and unique application, thus giving Albed products their own characteristics and recognition.

- The idea that furnishings, simple or otherwise, should always evoke emotion.

On the surface the furniture collection and door/partition collection can appear disparate; each and every piece, however, links to the next which creates a homogenous line. When the two are combined in a living space, the synergy flows from Albed directly to the customer.

This meaningful symbology is well represented in the two newest products, VISTA and SAIL. Designed by Massimo Luca, VISTA is a dynamic and versatile system featuring the possibility to include a library, storage units, wardrobe cabinets and partitioning walls. Perfect for public or private spaces! SAIL, designed by Paolo Bistacchi, is aesthetically elegant without forsaking functionality. It addresses partitioning and storage needs in one breathtaking unit.

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