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The new project of Paolo Rizzatto is built on a system of basic tables in which the essential appearance is rich in possibilities and quality design. The whole project is based on “reducing” and actually is an evolution of X & Y tables designed in 2005 th

at have marked a shift from “full” to “empty.” The structure is no longer made by a metal rod full section, instead it´s made from an extruded piece with a square profile that is internally empty.

The design of the structure is not an aesthetic ge

sture. It´s a calculationbased approach that due to new manufacturing technologies can make the product sturdier while reducing matter. The profile is shaped so that the empty section can perform better in structural terms. The top of some materials are i

nterchangeable. The structures can be combined over and over again by expanding and enhancing existing solutions. Spaces can be reconfigured by meeting all possible needs. This open system with a few simple elements makes up a family of tables that meet s

ome work or domestic, publicly or privately needs through maximum flexibility and combinability. The plans are made of different innovative or traditional materials, some are quite sophisticated while others are very simple to adapt to all kinds of ambien


They are made in different sizes, which combine three lengths at three depths to fit space and functional needs to the best. The locking system of the top is easily reversible yet stable in the use due to the use of Velcro dual lock, which is

very resistant and practical. The structure consists of legs that draw the profile of X & Y table and a cross-linked joint, which allows recombining the elements of the system in various ways to obtain multiple versions. The lines are essential, reduced

to the minimum yet ensuring stability. The structure is designed to meet or exceed ergonomic requirements in compliance with the EN 527-1:2011 standards. In fact, the beam placed centrally under the top and the inclination of the legs allow maximum freed

om of movement to the user while ensuring a good structural rigidity, also on longer lengths. The dimensions of the worktop can be changed “without limits.” The user can add more tops to the structure through crossbeams connected to one another and with s

upporting legs in between.

The structural system underlines intelligence behind the design and it is based on eco-friendly principles. The packaging is absolutely flat; the materials are easily separable and recyclable. The product is high quality

, long lasting, simple to update and maintain, timeless and transversal. The transition from “full” to “empty” allows cost reduction. The higher the weight the higher the costs is a well-known axiom. This change has advantages over all stages of the produ

ct life cycle, where weight reduction affects material and energy waste and cost optimization.

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