Ola Rune

Claesson Koivisto Rune

Sankt Paulsgatan 25
SE 118 48 Stockholm

T: +46 8 644 58 63
F: +46 8 644 58 83

Produkte von Ola Rune

Mârten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune are partners of the young, but internationally renowned architectural office Claesson Koivisto Rune, founded in 1993.

They design interiors and architecture, as well as individual products. The

y also hold lectures and seminars in this area.
The geometrically designed Tinto has produced a generous seat dimension which combined with the low back encourages many different seating positions.
All furniture designed by Claesson, Koivisto

and Rune for OFFECCT is very expressive.

For instance the Cornflake chair, with its thin, curved shell and tapered legs, giving it the appearance of hovering above the floor - like a cornflake just as it leaves the packet and floats in the ai

r for a moment before landing in the bowl.

The first monograph of their work was published by GG in 2001.