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With a list of clients that includes Karl Lagerfeld, Sarah Andelman from Colette, former Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and Beatrix of The Netherlands, GHYCZY is a company that graces the lives of some of the world’s most stylish people.

A company with a long family history, and a design ethos that is based on quality, GHYCZY provides every customer with service, care and dedication. We want people to enjoy GHYCZY well after we have delivered. We want pieces to become familiar to those that surround them, that use each design. We want each piece to become part of someone’s story. Until now, GHYCZY has produced furniture for those that have sought out these award winning designs. Almost collectable in its creation, every piece is unique. Yet, because of GHYCZY’s distinction from other furniture companies, and its much replicated ideas, we know that GHYCZY designs are something that people are familiar with. You may have been in contact with a GHYCZY and not even realised. That is the subtle signature that our company has developed in every piece.

Today, GHYCZY is set for a new era. Everything about the company will stay the same. The care taken in the Swalmen based creation process. The designs that emerge from Peter Ghyczy’s drawing room. The way in which we all, as one furniture family, take pride in everything we do. For the first time, in a long time, GHYCZY will be made available around the world, with minimum effort for the customer. New showrooms will display our collections, new collections will be revealed seasonally and new collaborations will make the Ghyczy name a little less obscure.

We at GHYCZY want everyone to be able to distinguish quality unlike anything else. We want the world that has inspired these designs, to be able to use these designs. We want to offer ourselves to a wider audience, so that Swalmen can supply the world with everything we believe to be the best in quality made furniture.

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