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Marsotto is a venerable stone carving operation near Verona, Italy. Synonymous with excellent quality, for the last two centuries the company continues to work with major architects and new intercultural visions throughout the world.

Marsotto harmoniously combines ancient manual techniques with the most innovative production systems, creating a wide variety of designs in any kind of stone, thanks to its knowhow, technical expertise, and constantly updated technology. Its impeccable organization and industrial acumen make it a preferred manufacturer among European design and fashion industries, producing exclusive furnishings for international luxury hotel chains, ships, residences, retail, and urban design.

Mario and Costanza Marsotto, have dedicated themselves to their historic family business for many years, through their natural curiosity, their friendships, researching and exploring new territories. They have always believed in their entrepreneurial approach and founded in 2009 Marsotto edizioni, under the art direction of James Irvine.

Involving some of the world’s most eminent designers and architects, Marsotto edizioni is recognised as an extraordinary collection of objects and furnishing items exclusively cut and mastered out of marble.

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