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Strada Provinciale, 32
22060 Novedrate (CO)

T: +39 (0)31 795 111
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B&B Italia and Maxalto, the two brands which have made the firm internationally famous in the home furnishings market, offer a complete range of products for the living area and bedroom. their creations are the result of a successful collaborations with well known names from the world of international design.
Maxalto stands out for excellent craftsmanship with wood, combining the sophisticated art of carpentry with the most advanced industrial technology, bringing together successfully efficient production and quality. coordinated by Antonio Citterio, products from the Maxalto collection have shapes inspired by the typologies and styles of French design between the two world wars, effectively expressed in a modern transposition. a complete range of furnishings which stand out for the beauty of their materials and attention to detail, designed to be "contemporary classics". the international market has moved the company towards a carefully selected network of sales outlets which stand out for their professional quality, and a significant number of flagship stores in the most important cities in the world, such as Milan, London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, New York and Tokyo. Commitment to the client means a guarantee of product quality and a complete customer care policy.

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