Stylepark-ID: 14.1475.00024
Kategorien: StadtraumAbfallbehälter / Ascher

Elbin’s bite-like opening resembles a hungry mouth to feed, making it easy to place rubbish directly inside. 'It empties almost as easily; as the door unlocks and pivots open, the metal ring holding the rubbish bag slides outward so that it can be pulled free in one easy movement. 'Elbin' can be wall-mounted or installed to a base, and ordered in three different sizes with a range of base options to choose from. A version with an integrated ashtray is also available.

Höhe 700 mm / 800 mm / 970 mm
Durchmesser 410 mm / 470 mm / 550 mm
Gewicht 3000 kg / 3500 kg / 3900 kg
Material Metall (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Schwarz