Alumi table screen

  • Alumi table screen
  • Alumi table screen
Presented:Salone del Mobile 2009, Milan
Categories: Room acousticsDesk panels
Product description

Alumi room dividers are getting back-up in the form of modern storage furniture focusing on sound reduction. Alumi storage furniture is designed so it can be positioned against a wall or stand freely as a room divider – a silent piece of furniture that’s

also great to look at. The new storage furniture is a further development of the sound-absorbing series Alumi. Like the room divider, the focus is on reducing disruptive noise in the environment where it is positioned. The storage furniture does this dou

bly, both through its smart, noiseless sliding doors and through the choice of materials that absorb and dampen noise. The doors are built in the same way as the floor and desk screens, with an aluminium frame and embossed felt as standard, or a choice of

textiles. It can be used as a room divider on a pedestal or metal feet and is designed so it looks good from every angle.

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