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Andrea Ruggiero, who is based in New York, has designed three complementary units for the Mobi series – Mobi Tech, Rover and Isla. The three new sections have been created to make portable storage easier, as well as strengthening the mobile office for mor

e efficient meetings. Mobi, which was launched in spring 2010, is an innovative mobile work station that allows users to redefine their workspaces according to need. In its original form, the work station consists of a table with locking wheels and a soun

d-absorbing screen. Users can move their work stations easily to be part of a temporary working group, or turn their table to gain some privacy. Three new complementary products are now being added to the work station providing unique solutions for effici

ent mobile offices. Mobi Tech is a low sideboard on wheels with a screen that provides a very useful surface next to the desk. Rover is a mobile storage drawer with a blind. Isla is a portable high table with its own screen for privacy and sound absorptio


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