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Presented:Orgatec 2018, Cologne
Categories: Office / Contract furnitureTablesWorking desks / systems
Product description

British designer Simon Pengelly joins the Alias team with landscape, a highly flexible and functional furniture system for the office that blends harmoniously into the working environment while ensuring maximum versatility of use.

Produced by means of advanced technologies and complex manufacturing processes, landscape provides concrete answers to the diversified needs of the office world: it offers a wide choice of elements, including tables, workstations and trolleys, all of them characterised by soft lines and highly refined volumes.

Light and yet sturdy, landscape tables exalt the work space they become part of. Composed of legs and crossmembers in extruded aluminium connected by finely designed joints, the structure of the tables supports tops of different sizes whilst it is characterised by elements whose thickness is reduced to the very limit.

Landscape satisfies the requirements of management offices and meeting rooms by proposing a choice of light tables perfectly in keeping with the style that is typical of Alias. It is possible to configure the most diversified workstations by means of sound absorbent panels that are inserted into a special housing in the table, which is also fitted with a cable hole and a cable tray.

Particularly rich is the choice of finishes for the tables in the landscape system: an oak veneered or painted aluminium structure supports a top available in many variants: painted MDF, bilaminate or veneered plywood with solid wood edges; the sound absorbent panels, whether made of painted or fabric covered compact polyurethane, or made of solid wood, are a perfect match for the structures they are rested on, creating an unexpected skyline.

The landscape system is comprised of 4 main types, suitable for different utilisation conditions: essential, conceived to offer a basic working surface, is proposed with a bilaminate mdf top and is available in 4 sizes (cm 79x159 / 79x200 / 158x159 / 159x200); meeting, the ideal table for meeting rooms, comes in three sizes (cm 158x318 / 158x400 / 120x318) and, in its most refined versions, is fully veneered with wood; system, is the ideal choice to set up multiple desk systems; executive (cm 104x200) offers directional desks.

The landscape range also includes a functional chest of drawers, finely designed and visually light and timeless. The body, made of painted compact polyurethane, echoes the style of the sound absorbent panels, accommodates a drawer in solid wood, and, thanks to the wheels, becomes a flexible element.

The collection fully reflects the correlation between the materials and the workplace, sensoriality and the perception of curving, pleasurable surfaces during day-to-day working activities.

Length2000 mm
Width1040 mm
Height740 mm
Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shaperectangular
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Simon Pengelly

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