Presented: Euroluce 2009, Milan
Stylepark-ID: 04.6131.00045
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

Cherry is a new, playful suspension designed by Alessandro Crosera for Alt Lucialternative, and its name and shape recall the sweet and eternally delicious cherries. Cherry by Alt Lucialternative is a suspension formed of two semi-spheres fixed onto each

other, with the light source fitted in the intersection. The diffuser is made from red plastic on the inside and white on the outside, giving off the light that is uniformly reflected on the additional dishes creating a playful and relaxing atmosphere. C

herry by Alt Lucialternative is a suspension with a round, light and sunny shape. It exalts any surroundings, creating a very comfortable, lively and energetic atmosphere.

Stand/ mounting with pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shape circular
Length 450 mm
Width 300 mm
Material acrylic (PMMA)
Colors white
shades of red

Alt Lucialternative, Italy

Alessandro Crosera