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Alt Lucialternative - a brand division of FdV · FIRME DI VETRO S.p.A.

Via delle Industrie 16/c
30030 Salzano (Venezia)

T: +39 041 5741275
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A meeting point of lights, colours, marks and innovative materials together with the transparency and the glass reflections in the products: this is the main feature of FdV • Alt Lucialternative, brand division of Firme di Vetro. Founded in 1963 as an artistic glassworks, it rapidly became one of the glassmaking leaders in the island of Murano and in 1997 it started the production of interior design lightning items.

Our projects combine the craftsmanship of glass workers with our ongoing research and experiments on new materials and sensorial elements and the strength of alternative colours like fuchsia, pink or light blue, aiming at presenting a new experience of both light and object.

Ceramics, plastics, rubber, wood, fabric, metal, and blown glass create seductive and contemporary products; they illustrate the projects of wellknown designers hired to express their idea of alternative light that is never an end in itself.

Archirivolto, Nucleo, Favaretto, De Lucchi are just some of the designers that contributed to the catalogue of Alt Lucialternative throughout the years creating lamps for every function: wall, table, ceiling and floor lamps. All the contemporary spaces find an answer and reflect themselves in recognizable products with strong personality.

The design and research at the basis of every project have been formally acknowledged both in Italy and abroad; they took part in several exhibitions and roadshows around the world, and participated at the selection for the ADI Design Index 2003 & 2005 with fluorescent Angelica and the spectacular X-Ray.

Alt Lucialternative, together with I Tre, Murano Due, Aureliano Toso, and Gallery, is a brand division of FdV • Firme di Vetro SpA.

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