Presented: Interieur 2010, Kortrijk
Stylepark-ID: 04.6131.00052
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

Whippy is the ceiling lamp signed by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati for Alt Lucialternative, the experimental and ironic brand of FDV Group. The last model of Alt is a a sculpture lamp whose name is inspired to its compositional feature, that is the

employment of an elasticated tissue that draws the outline in a fine way by upholstering the essential structure. The soft, white and patterned tissue, traces the lamp body in a long and flexible shape and, simultaneously, it brightens spreading a warm a

nd regular light. Available in two sizes, Whippy deserves well of entering in Alt collection, thanks to its essential and original modernity.

Stand/ mounting with pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shape circular
Height head of lamp 200 mm / 270 mm
Height 1700 mm / 1800 mm
Diameter 135 mm / 185 mm
Material textiles (unspecified)
Colors white

Alt Lucialternative, Italy

Romani Saccani