Ratio Conference

Product description

This program of tables, developed from an elaborate and synthetic geometry, is the epitome of versatility and adaptation to a multitude of environments and workspaces. Ratio Table Conference is characterized by its modularity and technology. All of the versions feature an integrated cable management system, invisibly providing power and access to internal or external networks, audio, video or data. Ratio Table Conference has been developed as an “intelligent” desking solution. 

The modularity of this program, which allows different types of configurations, is one of its most prominent features. Ratio Table Conference adapts to individual to be used as a desk, to the needs a shared work table or to the size and appearance of a conference table. Depending on its use it integrates or divides the space. Ratio combines different table top shapes (rectangular, round or elliptical) with aluminum bases in different colors. The materials and finishes for the table tops reflect maximum versatility: wood, laminate, glass and lacquered surfaces.

Table finish four-legged table
Table top shape circular
Material aluminium
wood (unspecified)
glass (unspecified)
Colors shades of brown

Andreu World, Spain

Estudio Andreu

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