Tavola Total Mirror

Product description

In occasion of Fuorisalone 2015, Antrax IT presents Tavola Total Mirror, an evolution of Tavola, designed by Andrea Crosetta and already presented in 2014, now interpreted in a modern and quite futuristic way. Perfect match between the two elements ‘mirror’ and ‘radiator’, Tavola Total Mirror is a whole ‘heating mirror’, amazing proof of the innovative technologies of Antrax IT, not only in the manufacturing of metal, but even in realizing of all the projects, not matter how challenging they are.
Tavola Total Mirror is available only in size 171 cm x 35 cm, it protrudes 7 cm from the wall, and it’s born to be installed both vertically and horizontally.
It has a power of 700 W, with different levels selectable directly using a touch-screen keyboard. A special remote controller, then, performs as a thermostat, and makes Tavola Total Mirror able to automatically function in particular conditions.
Tavola Total Mirror is made-up of two hardened mirrors, separated by a special shatter-proof film that makes it absolutely safe. The rear mirror, with black finishing, is equipped with fins that optimize the performance of the entire radiator, even for extended uses.
Tavola Total Mirror allows everyone to take advantage of the space, not matter if they are private or public.

Width350 mm
Height1710 mm
mirror glass
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Antrax IT, Italy

Andrea Crosetta