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Gamma by Arclinea marks a breakthrough in state-of-the-art, modern kitchen design that broadens the offer of the Arclinea Collection, providing a clear, simple response to the most modern, diversified requirements and combining Arclinea’s key values of qu

ality, functionality, personalisation, liveability with a broad range of kitchen furniture, virtually unlimited possibilities of combination and a broad price range.

The Gamma kitchen targets a new market, a new world that seeks accessible, persona

l, absolutely daily but always extraordinary luxury. Gamma is a kitchen to choose and live in: a kitchen that becomes a light, stimulating roomscape that, while letting imagination take flight, is also functional, sincere, appropriate. Gamma is both a sin

gle and multiple space that enhances the importance of the kitchen as centre of the home and emotions: a sensation of wellbeing and harmony, to be shared.

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Arclinea, Italy

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