LoT Reflector floor recessed

Product description

LOT introduces the time variable in our experience with light to express its dynamism. Time is one of the main values in our life today. It stands for freedom.
LoT combines a projector with a software application to allow free and real-time choice of lighting conditions. LOT is a universal projector capable to change the aperture angles of emissions and flows.
The LOT software allows real-time management or simple and intuitive programming of light. With this joint lighting-software project, Artemide introduces its first immaterial product and provides an intelligence that turns users into the creators of their own light. Artemide moves towards new frontiers of the light project, from the atom to the bit, where the focus is not just on the product.
The Lot project supports sensory and visual perception, enhances the experience with space discovery and the time variable. This light does not invade spaces, but rather establishes a relation with them to define boundaries and design dynamic scenes through an interaction with shadow. Utmost dematerialization generates an experience with light capable to interpret utterly different situations and to enhance landscapes, architectures, spaces, communication elements, objects. It is a multi-focus projector that ensures maximum flexibility in minimal dimensions.
The dynamic operation of the light beam does not imply any mechanical movements and is the result of an innovative opto-electric project. Seven lenses define four base apertures that can be combined to produce countless aperture angles and intensities according to current variations.
Each projector has four different types of optical units: a central one for the narrower beam, and six identical ones in pairs to define the other apertures.
A calibrated mix of currents on 4 different channels allows to change the apertures of the emissions and to manage all the intermediate angles with a very high resolution, by which a fluid and gradual progression can be perceived. Lot comes in two different versions based on the same principle to address varying needs.

The refractive version – LoT – works with lenses and combines a dynamic white light in the beams’ intensities and apertures with a RGBW coloured light. Excellent illuminance is ensured up to a maximum 5m installation height. The reflective version – Lot Reflector – works with reflectors. Its dissipating body allows to obtain excellent illuminance up to a 12m installation height.

Diameter200 mm
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP67 dust-proof/protection against: immersion
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
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Artemide Architectural, Germany

Tapio Rosenius

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