Tapio Rosenius

Lighting Design Collective SL

Carrera de San Jeronimo 16, 2-D
28014 Madrid

T: +34 911885851

Products by Tapio Rosenius

Tapio Rosenius is the founder and design director of Lighting Design Collective. (LDC) The company is based in three studios in Europe (Madrid, London & Helsinki) and operates globally with a network of collaborators stretching from Miami to Mexico and Hong Kong to Helsinki. LDC specializes in customized architectural lighting solutions and light art with a uniquely integrated portfolio covering cutting-edge services such as digital content creation, software development and design strategies. Originally from Finland, Tapio worked in Great Britain from 1998 until 2009 when he founded LDC. He is a designer and an artist with over hundred completed projects in 23 countries in the Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East. His work with light has been recognized in numerous awards from the fields of lighting design, architecture and art.

Tapio holds a Master of Science in Light & Lighting degree from UCL Bartlett University, London and a Medianomi in Lighting Design from Tampere School of Arts and Communication, Finland. He regularly lectures at universities, trade fai rs and professional conferences about lighting design for the built environment. He has served as a Guest Academic Director of Advanced Lighting Design at ETSAM University in Madrid. Tapio is married with two children and lives in Madrid, Spain.