Tree table lamp

Tree table lamp
Presented:Light + Building 2014, Frankfurt
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Product description

The Tree Series family of lamps has grown, adding new applications and sustainable light sources. The manufacturer B.lux launches a new feature onto the market in this decorative ceiling lamp designed by Werner Aisslinger (named Designer of the Year 2014

by the German magazine A & W), now available in two sizes, 35 and 50 cm in diameter, with applications as a table, floor and suspension lamp.

These new ceiling lamps can be equipped with ECO or LED halogen bulbs. The rest of the Tree Series collec

tion has also incorporated this new and efficient light source. All of them bear Aisslinger's unmistakable mark, as products that employ the latest technologies and exhibit organic designs inspired by nature.

Tree Series evokes the aesthetics of a

tree, with a stunning elliptical aluminium shade that could be interpreted as its crown. Crafted from a single piece of aluminium, the five laser-cut bands forming its irregular cavity generate interesting reflections, which bounce off the inside of its

reflective screen before being projected outwards at various angles.

B.lux offers the Tree Series collection in monochromatic finishes, white or black, both textured. The lamps, with a 50-75 cm diameter shade, are also available in two-tone versio

ns, with the inside of the shade in gold.

Emission classD
Stand/ mountingwith legs
Diffuser/reflector shapeoval
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B.LUX, Spain

Werner Aisslinger