Magazine rack furniture

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Product description

Knowledge does not take up any space, but nonetheless books are still very bulky. Until they are all virtual, printed publications will continue to take up space in libraries, which need specially-designed furniture to accommodate them. Pete Sans has deve

loped a new range for Bd Ediciones de Diseño: sistema store, with the advantages of durability and easy maintenance of aluminium as well as great versatility. Modular shelving that can be extended indefinitely, on the wall or free-standing, a perio

dical rack, a CD cabinet, a book display stand and a lectern, as well as a handy trolley for moving books around. So that readers don’t get lost amongst the aisles in big libraries, there is also a colour code to go with the signage features.

Width950 mm
Height1500 - 1900 mm
Depth464 mm
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BD Barcelona Design, Spain

Pete Sans