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Art is freedom and research. Fredoom from schemes.
Research into unexplored worlds. Everything has been accomplished in art. Everything is still to be accomplished in art. I am interested in everything concerning image, art history, even the art which is not considered history.
Nothing is devoid of interest except for what is done due to some interest.
This means that most art works accomplished in the last years of the century, when ideals were lacking, the art work transformed itself into an object of trade, of success at all costs for the author, success for the art dealers, success for the critics next to them. Just success.
Who talked about you? How many newsapers wrote about you? How many encyclopedias mention you? How many museums host your works? How much do you charge? How rich are you?
Death! This is the end of it all!
If man does not have the nerve to listen to his own soul and process day by day something regarding it and dig inside it, then you have to wait for it to be over and maybe again in the next century somebody will be enthusiastic about being alive and looking for his freedom, searching for a new world with spiritual values. Love is the only important thing. Man has not been created. He must create himself.

"By swimming in Leonardo's brook, torrent, river, I found myself in Picasso's sea. A bronze rock tickled by the waves and carrying me on its back like a big ancient elephant makes me think of you, Leonardo from Anchiano, and talks to me of the wave motion that will slowly smother the earth with its detritus." Riccardo Schweizer

Width210 mm
Height220 mm
Depth210 mm
shades of red
shades of orange
shades of green
shades of yellow
shades of blue
shades of violet
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Bosa, Italy

Riccardo Schweizer