Dornette Cocoa

Product description

Dornette decorative coating mix tradition and modernity, and are inspired by the infinite shapes of nature, with “biomimetic” results, in a unique cross-breeding between biology and technology. Made of fine ceramic, the elements are designed to give a classy look to residential and hospitality walls.  

Canyon and Cocoa are the first two projects in the collection, which create an unexpected three-dimensional effect: Canyon, with its geometric design, calls to mind geological stratifications, while Cocoa is inspired by the sinuous foliage lines.

Cocoa: A sinuous and oblong module, inspired by cocoa pods. A precious frame becomes a curtain, protecting, hiding and showing the delicate and symmetrical central texture, comprised by small spheres, which becomes the star of the composition.  

Size: cm 27.5x15xh1.2  

Chromatic compositions:

Shiny White, Matte Pewter, Shiny Light Grey with Matte and Shiny Gold/ Cashmere, Grey, Shiny Smoke-Grey with Shiny Gold and Copper Mint/ Green, Forest Green, Milk and Shiny Mint Green with Shiny Green Gold

shades of grey
gold / brass
copper / bronze
shades of green

Bosa, Italy

Elena Salmistraro