H2O Bilbao

Presented:Salone del Mobile 2014, Milan
Categories: Interior accessoriesTable accessoriesTableware
Product description

“You can give importance to the contents also with the container. Especially if the content is transparent, almost virtual and intangible like water. But it ispart of us, it is inside us and we need it. With this small action to reinterpret an iconic handmade article of Basque culture, the Kaiku, a multi­tool made in wood that was usedto milk and so inclined, and also for heating liquids with a hot stone. I make it in ceramic and in the case of Bilbao it will be used in the city restaurants to drink the tap water, among the best in Spain. It will be sold at the same price of bottled water in addition to being able to sell even the same pitcher. With these revenues will be funded a project in Ethiopia to build artesian wells. To try to give a little more than content with an idea of container.”

Patricia Urquiola


Bosa, Italy

Patricia Urquiola