Curvy with armrests

Product description

Curvy is also unique because of its ganging system. It is possible to link Curvy in the following positions: chair-chair, chair-armchair and armchair-armchair. The ganging system is panic proof. Linking the chairs in a radius with the panic proof ganging system is also possible. To make sure that visitors can easily find their seat, chair and row numbering is available.

The stackability of Curvy is outstanding. In the plastic and wooden version without armrests, Curvy stacks up to 45 pieces. In the other versions with or without arms as well as with a gangingsystem Curvy stacks up to 32 chairs. The excellent stackability makes Curvy ideal for use in places where chairs need to be temporary stored.

Curvy is an extensive system chair that can be characterised as an easy stackable chair that can be fitted with ganging system. These characteristics give this system chair its wide usability. Curvy can be used in exhibitions, presentation rooms, churches, conference rooms and other places where temporary seating solutions have to be offered. Curvy is available in a plastic, wooden or upholstered version, with or without armrests. There is also a wide variety of options available, such as writing tablets for left and right, hymnbook holder, bookrack, transport dolly and row distance holder. The chairand row numbering can be integrated into the ganging system.

Width590 mm
Height830 mm
Depth570 mm
Seat finishwith upholstery
Height of seat460 mm
Base finishwith rockers
Backrest finishwith back padding
Armrest finishwith armrests
Height of armrests670 mm
Materialchrome steel
shades of blue
shades of grey
shades of yellow
shades of red
shades of orange
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Casala, Netherlands

Sigurd Rothe