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PHOENIX, the epitome of luxurious silk creations, continues the long tradition at Christian Fischbacher of using this high-quality material. Fine silk warp threads at very high density form shimmering dots that stand out playfully against the lustrous background. The twotoned charismatic design remains balanced -- yet vibrant -- as well as compact, soft and smooth to the touch. An elaborate steam finishing process gives PHOENIX its characteristically delicate shimmer and slight puckering, both expressions of its incomparable modernity. This silk fabric is manufactured by one of the best and most technologically advanced weaving companies in India, with many years of experience in knowing how to meet Christian Fischbacher required manufacturing standards.

Fabric colourunicoloured
Cleaningprofessional cleaning only
no hot ironing
Fabric widthto 160 cm
Width of fabric reel approx.135 mm
with natural fibre material
Colorsshades of green
shades of grey
shades of brown
shades of beige
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Christian Fischbacher, Switzerland

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