Presented:Euroluce 2011, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingSurface mounted lightsWall mounted lights
Product description

Kirigami light system is made of a very innovative material: washi fabric. This antibacterial fabric makes Kirigami suitable not only for domestic spaces but also and mainly for public environments where hospitality may play an important role. This textur

e comes from Japan and it was once used to manufacture Samura’s clothes. Very Japanese style, the design is linear and basic. The structure derives from a triangular-shaped fold of a sheet metal while the texture, which is conveniently removable, stretche

s covering the third side and is held in place by two sticks. Though basic, it is a high-performing product. Relationships between depth and distances (of the sources from the reflector and the fabric) have been studied to maximize performance. Texture qu

ality and firmness are calibrated to maximize performance while maintaining uniform diffusion and avoiding dazzling. There are some cuts on the metal frontal parts of the body through which the light goes and illuminates the walls on which the light syste

m is fixed on . Suitable for all types of environment, Kirigami can be positioned horizontally or vertically.


1x39W (G5) FDH

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Length1120 mm
Width260 mm
Height100 mm
Installation diameter900 mm

Danese, Italy

Guiseppe Chigiotti