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Giuseppe Chigiotti (born in Grosseto in 1946) graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Architecture and is an Associate Professor at the Milan Polytechnic, where he teaches Theory and History of Industrial Design at the Department of Design.

After doing research in the History of Architecture,
he devotes his research efforts to the historical roots of design, in the broadest sense of the term.
In particular, he focuses on American-Italian events, especially the interplay between production and design.

He has written books and papers on the theory and history of design and architecture.
He has contributed to the creation of the collection of the Museo dell’Arredo Domestico (Museum of Home Decoration) in Russi. For Driade he has written
essays in the “Manuals” and has edited two volumes: “Viaggio nell’abitare Driade” and “DriadeKosmo-
Il mondo degli oggetti”.

He has always coupled his university teaching and research with architectural design outside the academic world. His designs have been published in numerous books and periodicals (Abitare, Casa Vogue, Domus, Ottagono).