Product description

Triplane is a small element the meets the user’s need to hold and support objects. It is multipurpose and flexible, produced with little work and material. Two specular profiles are obtained from the cut of one metal sheet, which through a subsequent fold

ing process forms three tops and a base that put together support themselves. There is little material waste, the manufacturing is easy and eco-sustainable. The product performs well. The structure is basic and sturdy. The metal folds and shape ensure pro

duct durability. It is perfect for working environments. It can be easily placed under the table, become a secondary worktop or substitute a chest of drawers. It is basic, flexible and also adaptable to any home environment. It “disappears” behind the obj

ects it holds and you can adapt it to different situations.

Width360 mm
Height640 mm
Depth360 mm
Table top shaperectangle with rounded corners

Danese, Italy

Gerardo Marì