Captain Cork S

Presented:Light + Building 2014, Frankfurt
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

The Portuguese designer Miguel Arruda -who is currently enjoying great success in Brazil -is doing just what you would expect him to do in times of economic crisis. With the Captain Cork, he brings pure, natural cork to life in the form of an elegant lamp. Portugal is a leading supplier of cork, producing 30% of the worldwide supply. The cork that Miguael Arrudo uses comes from small-scale Portuguese farmers. The Captain Cork is pear-shaped and you can freely choose the type of bulb used on the inside. The cable is available in a fabric covering.


E27 1x TCG-SE / Globe (MAX 20 W)
E27 1x LED (MAX 15 W)

Emission classA++ - E
Inspection seal /certificationCE
Width of luminaire head145 mm
Height head of lamp190 mm
Pendant length1500 mm / 2500 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Colorsshades of brown

Dark, Belgium

Miguel Arruda

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