MU coffee table glass top 90x130

Year of design: 2011 | Design: Toan Nguyen
MU coffee table glass top 90x130

MU is an imaginative and versatile modular furniture system specifically created for contemporary lifestyles. it can be easily adapted to the various spaces and layouts of a home’s living areas, indoor as well as out. Indeed, MU neatly combines the benefits of materials and textiles designed for outdoor usage with the modular logic, more compact size and increased comfort of the finest indoor sofas. All these elements are of different designs and are available in sizes as varied as the functions they perform. Their slender and compact structures allow you to utilize them exactly as you wish, according to your personal taste and preferences. MU is designed to meet your own personal requirements — in the way you choose and in the style you want. At last, you can create comfortable, well-equipped smaller or larger lounge areas as you wish. MU makes the ideal choice for chill-out, play or conversation areas and is equally suitable for large social gatherings or more intimate occasions.

MU coffee table glass top 90x130
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