SWINGREST SwingUs 2-seater

Presented: Salone del Mobile 2014, Milan | Year of design: 2013 | Design: Daniel Pouzet
SWINGREST SwingUs 2-seater

Designed for two to swing together with ease, but long enough for a single user to snuggle into a lying position, the SwingUs loveseat retains the same profile as SwingMe while introducing a longer, more-sofa like shape to the collection. It too features a wrap-around backrest that envelops users in cosy comfort. Playfulness and thoughtful attention to detail extend to all aspects of SwingMe and SwingUs, even those hidden from view. Lift the seat cushions, for example, and discover a hand-woven support consisting of four strands of fiber, each a different shape, texture and hue, their weave so complex that it appears effortlessly random.

Swingrest Chalk Swing Us 2Point 4Swingrest Natural Swing Us Canope
Swingrest Natural Swing Us 2Point 4Swingrest Chalk Swing Us Canope
SWINGREST SwingUs 2-seater
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