Product description

Urban fabric is a complex set of architectural, historical, cultural, commercial, spatial and functional requirements for inhabitants. Connective tissue in an urban setting is unthinkable nowadays without light that follows vehicles, pedestrians, landscape or vertical surfaces in any given type of area throughout nocturnal communication.

Polesano by Dean Skira is a very new concept in lighting instruments designed specifically for urban setting, be that a pedestrian pathway, roadway, park, square or landscape. It provides total flexibility for the designer to create their own set of optic characteristics, whilst keeping the same aesthetic for the entire system regardless of the area. Its modularity and flexibility provides personal involvement for the designer to create their unique set of luminaires or other elements within the existing form of this “device”. Integrating video surveillance, Wi-Fi, speakers or other IoT unit is a next step in the development of Polesano.


Delta Light, Germany

Dean Skira